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You just entered an overwhelming, mindblowing, and confused space inside the immense Universe of the World Wide Web. This place is a perpetual work in progress populated by thoughts, drivel, visions, questions, sort-of-answers, kinda-intuitions, contraddictions, disorderly attempts of reordering stuff, representations of chaos.
Welcome to, the virtual representation of Tommi’s mind.
Have fun!

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About this weirdo

Hi, I’m Tommi.

I am an enthusiast. I love getting involved in everything which involves human interactions and I am overthinking addicted. I am a happy guy, but this does not mean I do not cry—just make me watch the right movie.

The purpose of my whole existence is meeting all the people in the world. For this reason, when I am not studying, I keep myself busy doing a lot of stuff. As a consequence, as also the great Leibniz said, that in my life I started everything and concluded nothing.
You can know more about something of the just mentioned everything by browsing around this virtual representation of my mind.

Some resources which might be useful:


I conceived and co-founded Scambi, The Festival of Paneurethic Labs. I organize it with a staff of under-25 volunteers. The festival takes place during the last week of August in La Pigna, Sanremo, Italy.
The festival was born from our urge to fight the intolerance towards anything or anyone different. While our planet is getting hotter and drier every day, relationships of the people living on it are getting colder and more feeble.
Our purpose is to overcome this tendency by bringing together the most different guests and public.

I quit Social Media

I spent several tormented months tinkering about the ups and downs of Social Media. I got very stressed and particularly obsessed with their ethical issues. Eventually, I realized quitting is the best (and probably the only) way to actually feel better.

Nevertheless, I concluded that just quitting and doing nothing else is useless. Yes I could feel better, yes I could start enjoying and experimenting new ways of communicating, but nobody else would benefit of my choice. So I asked myself:

  • How is it possible that the situation is so bad and most of my friends literally ignore the problem, even feeling something’s wrong?
  • Why don’t people get that it’s in our best interest to become aware, inform ourselves and act to make our online and offline relationships better?
  • How can I share the crucial importance of doubting about the way the most common social media platforms work?
  • How to foster curiosity, need for knowledge and concern about the way most of our online relations happen these days?
  • How can I let people realize that it’s not about geeky or technical stuff?
  • How many people around the world have my same concerns?

Simply abandoning social media platforms changes nothing.

I looked online for information and arguments to understand how Social Media work, but every publication always focused on few of them, and none was absolutely comprehensive; therefore, I decided to put everything together by myself

Logo SconnessoSconnessoè uno pseudo-podcast in cui Tommi racconta alcune peripezie che accadono nella sua vita saltellante e elucubrazioni che affollano la sua mente contorta.
Sconnesso è sbagliato, ma non scorretto. È atipico, ma non poi così originale. È curato, ma non studiato certosinamente. È esasperante, ma mai noioso. È improvvisato, ma non raffazzonato. Non è preparato, ma è attentamente pensato. È confuso e disordinato, ma non complicato. È sconnesso, ma non disconnesso.

Latest post

The Overlooked Challenges of Big Tech Regulation

This article has originally been published on International Hour, Venice Diplomatic Society’s blog. The IT world and politics perpetually cross their paths, since the former strongly influences the latter, yet seldom the opposite happens. Arguably, this non-reciprocal influence is caused by a too limited assessment in political and human terms of the issues raised by technology, specifically by computer sciences. The great historical innovation of the World Wide Web is characterized by an intrinsic anarchy since no regulatory entity governs it. As a result, a dominating role is quickly and easily filled by great for-profit corporations, which become biased and opinionated regulators of this immense, dynamic and chaotic space. Let us picture a person walking out her dog on a peaceful Sunday stroll. In such a context, only a fool would start speculating on the legal nature of the land she is stepping upon. To whom does that street belong? What is her right to walk there? What if... Read
The Overlooked Challenges of Big Tech Regulation
a picture of Tommi’s head exploding with a great mess inside it

The Jam

There’s stuff I find out I wish I knew before, or stuff I just can’t keep from sharing but it’s not enough to make an article, or resources so great and useful that the whole world should know and use, or cool oddities I note and it’s nice to have them always ready at hand.

I take this things, I throw them into The Jam.

I hope it can be useful to you.

a picture of Tommi’s head exploding with a great mess inside it


I do too many things.

To both remember and share them, on this website I keep track of everything I do.

You can check the most important things I do in Stuff, while here are events I attend to.
Everything else is in Tutto.